Our Philosophy

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.” – Friedrich Frӧbel

Hobbit Preschool acknowledges and respects the original custodians of this land, the Anaiwan people, their language, and culture.

In the early years, children are active and curious learners. We, as Early Childhood Educators at Hobbit Preschool and Child Care Centre, strive to provide all children with the opportunity to grow and learn in all areas of development. We aim to provide continuity of care from home to Hobbit with a secure and welcoming environment that fosters the well-being of all children, families, and staff.

We recognise that all children learn best through play, which involves exploration, creative expression, and cooperation. We aim to provide a play-based curriculum that promotes and develops the following areas:

  • intellectual enrichment
  • language enhancement
  • social skills
  • emotional stability and growth
  • imagination
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • concepts, independence
  • responsibility for self, others and the environment around us
  • An understanding of cultural differences and similarities and the role people can provide to the community or Centre.

As such we aim to provide a high-quality educational program, based on the early years learning framework to meet each child’s needs. We observe these areas and provide opportunities for extension of the child’s abilities in a positive and caring atmosphere, enabling understanding of the ‘uniqueness’ of each child.

We aim to provide a balance between structured and unstructured learning experiences. We believe it is essential to provide opportunities and experiences that balance creativity, investigation, flexibility, and diversity within a familiar routine that is consistent and secure. This way the children are encouraged to make decisions and to experiment without fear of failure. The children will have the opportunity to be heard and listened to, freely expressing their needs, feelings, and opinions, thus developing confidence, self-esteem, and skills in seeking and receiving information.

We believe that children need opportunities to participate in large group experiences as well as to group themselves as they choose, thus promoting opportunities to learn from peers and friends, as well as adults.

We seek to develop in each child skills that will not only be useful to them in preschool but throughout life. We aim to ensure all children and their families receive recognition of, and respect for, individuality and individual needs, culture, beliefs, and customs. We strive to achieve consistency between the home and preschool environment and promote the development of the whole child.

We believe that parents know their child best and we value the parent’s contributions to their child and the preschool. We firmly believe active communication is essential to implement a successful program. We seek information from families concerning their children and in turn share updates, achievements and milestones of their child’s development on a regular basis to work together in nurturing and educating the children. We provide opportunities for families, staff, and visitors to be included in all aspects of the program.

Our experienced Educators have sound knowledge of child development. They see their role as educators, facilitators of learning, caregivers, and advocates of children’s services. We acknowledge the importance of ongoing professional development thus keeping abreast with current theory and practice.